Is Azerbaijan Readying Itself for Another Round of War With Armenians?

By Grigor Hakobyan


In a speech to the ruling party New Azerbaijan on February 6th, in addition to claiming the Republic of Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan, Aliyev made territorial claims against the Republic of Armenia. He specifically singled out Armenia’s capitol Yerevan, Lake Sevan and the Syunik province (also known as Zangezoor). Aliyev stated: “Because Yerevan is our historic land, and we should return to this historic land of Azerbaijanis. This is our political and strategic goal.” Aliyev’s revanchist remarks were dismissed by most Armenian politicians, analysts and media outlets while Minsk Group co-chairs: USA, Russia and France offered very weak condemnations or no response at all. Very few in Armenia or diaspora seriously considered the implications of Aliyev’s comments that are no doubt a warning of a looming confrontation that will resemble the war of 1988-1994 with more devastation than before. This analysis is meant to close that gap and prepare the Armenians around the world and the world community at large for the events to come.

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