Ararat Institute for Near Eastern Studies is an independent, online magazine that publishes analytical articles pertaining to Armenia and the neighboring region.

Guidelines for contributing articles:

1) Article must be free of spelling errors and grammatical errors.
2) Article must be logically cohesive and written in third person.
3) Contributors must have at least a Bachelor’s degree or higher in one of many fields of social studies.
4) Contributors must be open to constructive criticism and debate.


Grigor Hakobyan is an independent political analyst residing in Phoenix, AZ and a former ANCA Fellow in Washington D.C. He is the founder of an online based magazine called Ararat Institute for Near Eastern Studies.

He was also a freelance writer for the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute of John Hopkins University and has also interned at the US House of Representatives where he researched ethnic conflicts and terrorism in Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia regions and prepared summative reports for a Congressman on subsequent topics.

Grigor also completed an internship at the International Center for Terrorism Studies of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies where he researched international terrorist networks operating in the Caucasus and Central Asia regions and prepared congressional briefings for the Director of ICTS on WMDs.

He holds a B.A. degree in Political Science from Arizona State University and a teaching credential from California State University Dominguez Hills. Currently he works as a teacher in Arizona.

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