Armenia of Today and Armenia of Tomorrow: Present and Future Challenges

By Grigor Hakobyan


Past week was full of unexpected surprises for the Armenia’s foreign policy establishment and for the Armenians around the world. Attempts by the Russian Foreign Minister to resurrect his model of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict resolution also known as Lavrov’s Plan, despite the fact that it was rejected not only by the present government of Armenia but also by the former government of Armenia soon after the Four Day War of 2016 (also known as April War) in light of militaristic statements coming from Azerbaijan and its frequent violations of the cease-fire regime on the LoC between Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces not only in Artsakh but also on the borders of the Republic of Armenia for the past few months. Furthermore, Russia’s readiness to sell a squadron of its top combat aircrafts, Su-35S to Azerbaijan knowing fully well that they will be used directly against Armenia and potentially against the Russian troops stationed in Armenia during the next round of war in the region may imply only two things, either Russia wants Azerbaijan to defeat Armenia during next confrontation or that it is trying to make money at the expense of political and military commitments to Armenia.

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