Artsakh-Nakhijevan: Making the Case for Preemptive Strike

By Grigor Hakobyan



Since April of 2018, under the guise of conducting military exercises Azerbaijan has accumulated a very large number of military personnel and hardware on two different fronts surrounding the Armenian heartland thus posing a clear and present danger to the survival of the Armenian nation and the security of its statehood. Accumulations of military personnel and hardware along both LOCs in Nakhijevan and Artsakh has been accompanied with rapid acquisitions of new military hardware from a number of countries such Israel, Turkey, Pakistan and so-called military “allies” of Armenia, members of CSTO: Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. As the experience of the Four Day War has shown, instead of waiting for a devastating onslaught that can happen at any moment, the security situation on the ground is calling for a proactive defense strategy. Proactive defense entails carrying out a number of devastating preemptive strikes against Azerbaijani military accumulations along the borders of Armenia (Nakhichevan) and Artsakh to effectively degrade and destroy their military capabilities in an effort to prevent or postpone the resumption of large scale Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in the region.

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